Wednesday, October 26, 2016

1987 WTB Team Trek

The Bike:
A Trek is not usually on the list of bikes I want to own. This one would be an exception.
The first time I saw this frame, was ten years ago on a lucky visit with Mark Slate.  It was a surplus Team frame along with a few others, languishing under a house...dirty, dusty, but otherwise NOS.
Fast forward a decade and I was fortunate to be connected with one of these frames through a mutual friend. In addition to the frame (this particular one painted by Steve Potts), was an ex-Team Trek Potts/Cunningham Type II fork (a fork that saw actual race duty back in the day).  Sourcing the exact parts for this kind of bike can be exceedingly difficult and/or cost prohibitive. I had to make some concessions on the build spec in order to make this a running, usable bike. Early 'Swiss Cheese' Roller Cams and a FASP are tall orders, so reasonable replacements were used.
I'm excited with the final product. A classic mountain bike whose purpose might go unnoticed without closer inspection. 

As initially unearthed ten years ago (2nd frame back).

As received (just needed a wipe down).

Steve Potts paint fade.

Type II detail.


The finished product.

Type II & WTB Speedmaster Roller Cams

The Build: 
Frame: Trek Aluminum
Fork: Potts/Cunningham Type II
Rims: Araya RM-20
Hubs: Shimano 7400 Dura Ace
Quick Release: Shimano Dura Ace
Tires: Specialized Ground Control
Pedals: Suntour XC Compe
Crank: Specialized Flag (the good ones)
Chain: Sedis
Rear Cogs: Shimano Dura Ace
Bottom Bracket: Press Fit
Front Derailleur: Shimano M730 XT
Rear Derailleur: Shimano 600
Shifters: Shimano M730 XT
Handlebars: Salsa Moto
Grips: WTB
Stem: Steve Potts fillet brazed
Headset: Specialized
Brake set: WTB Speedmaster Roller Cam
Brake levers: Shimano M730 XT 4-Finger
Saddle: Selle Italia Turbo
Seat Post: Suntour XC
Paint: White/Blue Fade (painted by Steve Potts)
Size: 19"
Serial #:
Place of Origin: Waterloo, WI
Other: 26.6 lbs, Surplus NOS WTB/Team Trek issue frame.

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